Austro-Hungarian Infantry Soldier VOL.II (K.U.K. Army - German regiment)

V75011 - 75mm resin figure

Austro-Hungarian Infantry Soldier VOL.II (K.U.K. Army - German regiment)

75mm resin figure.
Designed by Sándor Harsányi.
The boxart painted by László György.

The price is 32 EUR


The Figure:

The figure represents the uniform pieces of a common Army infantryman of a German regiment from the early 1900’s. The only difference from the previously released Hungarian 'Infanterist' are the trousers (pantaloons) which were used in the German part of the Monarchy.

Rifle and equipment:

Our figure is armed with a Mannlicher M1888 with it’s ammo pouches and bayonet. On his left shoulder a marksman’s lanyard is visible. Each and every regiment had a different facing colour which is displayed on the collar. We painted our figure as a member of K.U.K Infantry regiment Nr. 54. Alt-Starhemberg (Olmütz) with apple green facing colour and silver buttons. This time we painted the figure to pike grey uniform which was intruduced in 1908.

Optional uniform colour:

The figure can be painted in dark blue uniform as well. For more information see our painting guide below.

Painting guide:

You can download a printable PDF from here: Colour Guide
Figure Details

Scale: 75mm

Release Date: 2022

Number: V75011