Austro-Hungarian Infantry Soldier VOL.II (K.U.K. Army - German regiment)

V16010 - 1/16 scale resin mini bust

Austro-Hungarian Infantry Soldier VOL.II (K.U.K. Army - German regiment)

1/16 scale resin mini bust.
Designed by Sándor Harsányi.
The boxart painted by László György.

The price is 20 EUR


The Figure:

The figure represents the uniform pieces of a common Army infantryman of a German regiment from the early 1900’s. The only difference from the previously released Hungarian 'Infanterist' is the headgear. We changed the field cap to an Infantry shako.

Rifle and equipment:

Our figure is armed with a Mannlicher M1888 with it’s ammo pouches and bayonet. On his left shoulder a marksman’s lanyard is visible. Each and every regiment had a different facing colour which is displayed on the collar. We painted our figure as a member of K.U.K Infantry regiment Nr. 54. Alt-Starhemberg (Olmütz) with apple green facing colour and silver buttons. This time we painted the figure to pike grey uniform which was intruduced in 1908.

Optional uniform colour:

The figure can be painted in dark blue uniform as well.. For more information see our painting guide below.

Painting guide:

You can download a printable PDF from here: Colour Guide
Figure Details

Scale: 1/16

Release Date: 2022

Number: V16011