Austro-Hungarian Dragoon Officer WW I

V75001 - 75mm resin figure

Austro-Hungarian Dragoon Officer WW I

75mm resin figure.
Designed by Sándor Harsányi.
The boxart painted by László György

The price is 32 EUR


The Dragoons:

The most traditional cavalry units of the German part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire were the Dragoon regiments. The distinctive helmet and colourful uniform made their look unmistakable. The 15 Dragoon Regiments were mainly recruited from the German part of the Empire among them were many of Czech origin.

The Figure:

Our figure is based on a picture of Dragonerregiment Erzherzog Joseph No.15 but can be painted in any of the 15 Dragoon regiment member by changing the facing colour of collar and cuffs, and the buttons. Further reading of the uniforms: Verlag Militaria - Stefan Rest (Editor) The Emperor’s Coat in the First World War

Helmet Colours:

The helmet was black the eagle and decoration were brass, but can be painted to pike grey entirely as from the outbrake of the war the shiny bright looking helmets were overpainted for better camouflage.

Figure Details

Scale: 75mm

Release Date: 2019

Number: V75001