German General WW I (Georg Fuchs - General der Infanterie)

V16014 - 1/16 scale resin mini bust

German General WW I (Georg Fuchs - General der Infanterie)

1/16 scale resin mini bust. Designed by Sándor Harsányi. The boxart painted by László György.

The price is 20 EUR


The Figure:

Our figure based on a picture of General Georg Fuchs during a visit to the Eastern front with the the commanders of the Austro-Hungarian Army in September 1916. On this picture the general is on a walk with Austro-Hungarian Generaloberst Hermann Kövess von Kövessháza

General Georg Fuchs:

Georg Fuchs (1856-1939) was a Prussian General in the German Army during WW I. On his field service dress the medals are the Iron cross and Prussian Order or the Red Eagle with oak leaves and swords.


We would like to thank Jon Smith from Jon Smith Modellbau for his help in making this figure. Check Jon’s page for fantastic German WW I figures! (https://www.jonsmith-modellbau.com/)

Figure Details

Scale: 1/16

Release Date: 2023

Number: V16014