Waffen SS Obersturmbannführer WW II - Otto Skorzeny

V716007 - 1/16 scale resin mini bust

Waffen SS Obersturmbannführer WW II - Otto Skorzeny

1/16 scale resin mini bust. Designed by Roberto Reale - Royal Model, the boxart painted by Olivér Kovács.

The price is 20 EUR


Otto Skorzeny:

Otto Skorzeny was born in 1908 in Austria-Hungary. He became the most famous special operations officer of the German Reich. The Gran Sasso raid, the kidnapping of Miklós Horthy Jr. and the Operation Greif earned him a reputation of being 'the most dangerous man in Europe' He achived a rank of Obersturmbannführer in the Waffen SS.

The Figure:

Our figure is based on a picture of Otto Skorzeny in Budapest 1944 in the Castle area of Buda where he and his unit took part in securing the Castle and disarming the Guard of the regent Miklós Horthy. (Unternehmen Panzerfaust)

Figure Details

Scale: 1/16

Release Date: 2021

Number: V16007