Austro-Hungarian Mountain Troop Officer WW I (k.k. Landwehr Kaiserschützen Regiment Nr.II - Bozen)

V16006 - 1/16 scale resin mini bust

Austro-Hungarian Mountain Troop Officer WW I (k.k. Landwehr Kaiserschützen Regiment Nr.II - Bozen)

1/16 scale resin mini bust.
Designed by Sándor Harsányi.
The boxart painted by László György.

The price is 20 EUR


k.k. Landwehr Kaiserschützen:

Austro-Hungarian army's special mountain forces were the Tyrolean Landesschützen regiments (nr. I-III) They were specially trained for mountain warfare and recruited from Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Carintia but from 1889 also from other parts of the empire. Tyrolean Landesschützen regiments took part in the battles of Galicia in the beginning of the war and in 1915 they were transferred to the Alps against Italian troops where they fought until the end of the war. From January 1917 all 3 regiments were redesignated as Kaiserschützen regiments by Emperor Karl.

The Figure:

The figure represents Oberleutnant Anton Hilt who served in Kaiserschützen Regiment Nr.II (Bozen) before he was transferred to the k.u.k. Luftfahrtruppen as a pilot. Oblt. Hilt was born in a Sudeten German family and graduated in the Cadet school of Innsbruck in 1914. His grandson Philipp Hilt generously provided archive pictures of his grandfather which was a great help when we designed the figure.

Special Uniform additions:

A special feature of the mountain troops was the black grouse plumage on the left side of the cap with parade uniform. Another distinctive element was the shoulder strap with regimental number on the button (I-II-III), and the edelweiss badge on the collar.

Recommended reference: Verlag Militaria - The Austrian Mountain Troops: History, Uniforms and Equipment of Austrian Mountain Troops from 1906 to 1918

We would like to thank Philipp Hilt for providing us the photos of Anton Hilt

Figure Details

Scale: 1/16

Release Date: 2020

Number: V16006