Austro-Hungarian Infantry/Pioneer officer WW I (Truppenpioniere 1917 Isonzo front)

V75008 - 75mm resin figure

Austro-Hungarian Infantry/Pioneer officer WW I (Truppenpioniere 1917 Isonzo front)

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75mm resin figure. The boxart painted by László György.

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Pioneers within a formation (Truppenpioniere) were the pioneer engineer troops of a regular (infantry, cavalry etc) regiment. The figure is based on a picture of pioneer officers of k.u.k. Infanterieregiment „Maria Theresia“ Nr. 32 (Budapest) in the Italian theatre. A nice colorized version by Sándor Almási can be seen among the product photos below.


Pioneers within a formation wore the same uniform and facing colour as the other members of the regiment. The only difference was the 'specialist' pioneer badge on both collars. A 'regular' infantry regiment lieutenant can be painted by removing the pioneer badge. The boxart was painted as a member of k.u.k. Infanterieregiment „Erzherzog Rainer“ Nr. 59 (Salzburg) with orange facing colour. However if one wish to paint as per the original picture the facing colour of IR 32 is sky blue.

Equipment and medals:

Our figure is armed with a Mannlicher M1895 Carbine with bayonet wore on the belt. The helmet is a German manufactured M1916 steel helmet. The medals from left to right are Silver medal for bravery (1st class), Bronze medal for bravery, and Karl troop cross.

Figure Details

Scale: 75mm

Release Date: 2021

Number: V75008